MacuCap LMZ 90 capsules

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Selected micronutrients for the eyes (food supplement).

Contains 3 macular carotenoids + zinc + vitamin B2. Zinc + Vitamin B2 help maintain normal eyesight.

The macula lutea (also yellow spot) of the eye contains the three carotenoids as they combined in the present product: meso-zeaxanthin, lutein and zeaxanthin. These three carotenoids form the macular pigment. It serves as a blue light filter exactly at the location of the retina that has the highest concentration of rods and suppositories (light receptors). The three macular carotenoids are spatially very specifically distributed in the retina (see figure). They filter high-energy, blue light that occurs in natural sunlight as well as in lamps and LEDs.

With its zinc and vitamin B2 content, MacuCap ® LMZ is geared towards the need for special micronutrients in the eyes and is intended to help you supplement your diet appropriately so that you can meet the special needs of your eyes in the best possible way. Zinc and vitamin B2 help maintain normal eyesight.

Recommended dosage: Swallow 1 capsule daily (preferably with a meal) with liquid without chewing.

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