is a  once-a-day, easy to take, food supplement capsule which combines all three macula carotenoids; Lutein, meso-Zeaxanthin and Zeaxanthin.
Scientific research shows that these three nutrients are found at the back of the eye, at the macula, where they form the macular pigment (yellow colour). Meso-zeaxanthin is particularly concentrated at the centre of this pigment. The macula is a specialist parts of the eye that is responsible for our detailed, central vision.

MacuCap®LMZ capsules contains all 3 carotenoids of the macula (daily dose = 1 capsule per day): 10mg meso-zeaxanthin, 10mg lutein, 2mg zeaxanthin.

The carotenoid combination in MacuCap®LMZ has been clinically tested and compared to lutein-only products several times. Whether for persons with not-diseased eyes or early AMD-patients – a combination of all three macular carotenoids has always proved to be the superior and effective option*4.

*4 MOST = Meso-zeaxanthin Ocular Supplementation Trial; Retina. 2014 Sept;34(9):1757-1766.

Better vision in the eyes of healthy and AMD patients by macula pigment optimization with the 3 carotenoids of the macula!

Comparative studies ¹‘ ²‘ ³ demonstrate the importance of meso-zeaxanthin and the superior efficacy of a supplementation with all three carotenoids!

In testpersons that received preparations with L and Z or placebo, there was no significant change in the pigment density in the eye. In contrast, supplementation with the three macular carotenoids showed a significant increase in the pigment density after 3 and 6 months. Functionally, it was also only the group receiving all three carotenoids, where improvements were observed: the contrast sensitivity under both mesopic and photopic conditions with and without glare improved significantly.

The study on patients with early AMD brought comparable results after 12 months. Optimized macular pigment density and better contrast were shown by the groups which also received meso-zeaxanthin with their carotenoid capsules.
In short, there is now safe evidence that vision performance in early AMD patients is improved by increasing macular pigment density.
1 Nolan JM et al. Exp Eye Res 101 (2012) 9-15
2 Laughman J et al IOVS 53 (2012) 7871–7880
3 Nolan al IOVS_ARVO Meeting (2012) 53:336

MacuCap®LMZ capsules contain carotenoids from the specially prepared flower extract of the Tagetes erecta.
Zeaxanthin and lutein are the yellow and orange pigments which are also found in fruits and vegetables such as leaf spinach or chili peppers. Meso-zeaxanthin is located in the centre of the macula and is present in some species of fish and seafood but amounts in the diet are found to be low.